I could be wrong here, but both of these sound like reverse-DNS
problems to me. Check that reverse-DNS (IP to name, rather than name
to IP) is correctly set up & see if that doesn't make the problem go
away. (Apologies if I'm wrong here, suffering from long-term


At 3:35 PM +0000 7/9/03, SÚrgio Manuel Rosa wrote:
Hi Nasib,

a personal question because I'm having kinda same problem.
Do you have a DMZ?
Do you have internal dns and public dns?

I have a problem like yours but only from my internal net. Clients
from the "outer world" dont have any problem, inside hosts have


Nasib Salim wrote:

Dear all,

  I'm running Qmail with vpopmail and qmail-scanner. For the past 2
years there were no problem but recently the problem starts.
 SMTP Server is too slow to respond. it takes more than a minute
for it to response.  My DNS is working fine and there is no problem
even resolving the mail server. I know the DNS is the source is
this problem but seems its not.

Please help!

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