Did you add "-H -l yourlocalname" to your tcpserver?

It avoids consulting DNS for changing IP to names. When it looks for not existent names, or when yout DNS server is working bad, you have huge delays.

If you have a private address as sender or receiver, no public DNS will be able to traslate it.



At 09/07/03 09/07/03 +0000, SÚrgio Manuel Rosa wrote:
Hi Nasib,

a personal question because I'm having kinda same problem.
Do you have a DMZ?
Do you have internal dns and public dns?

I have a problem like yours but only from my internal net. Clients from the "outer world" dont have any problem, inside hosts have timeouts.


Nasib Salim wrote:

Dear all,

I'm running Qmail with vpopmail and qmail-scanner. For the past 2 years there were no problem but recently the problem starts.
SMTP Server is too slow to respond. it takes more than a minute for it to response. My DNS is working fine and there is no problem even resolving the mail server. I know the DNS is the source is this problem but seems its not.

Please help!

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