gjohnson wrote:

I have vpopmail, courier-imap and sqwebmail running on OpenBSD 3.3 with
apache NOT chrooted.

I have two domains: real.domain and virtual.domain
In SqWebMail, virtuser with virtual.domain logs on to SqWebMail thus
virtuser%virtual.domain & pass
But once logged on they see themselves as
which also appears as their reply-to address (until/unless they change it).
Naturally, many will not change it.

Real users see [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- so they are fine.
I would just like virtusers to see [EMAIL PROTECTED] both at the top
of the page and for their reply-to.  Is this possible?  If so, how do I
change the virt.domain setting?

Set the sqwebmail prefs for the user when you create the account. They include the Reply-To address.


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