gjohnson wrote:
Doug Clements writes:
Set the sqwebmail prefs for the user when you create the account. They include the Reply-To address.


Thanks for your reply. I am working with sqwebmail-3_5_1, vpopmail-5_2_1, and vqadmin-2_3_2. When I create an account thus -- su - vpopmail vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] password exit -- I see no option for sqwebmail prefs. I can not change reply-to with vqadmin either. Neither do I see any reply-to or "name-at-the-top" option in the actual SqWebMail webpage itself. Only when I send a mail from the account in SqWebMail can I (permanently) change the reply-to address (by simply changing the reply-to on that email).

What SqWebMail prefs were you referring to?  Can they be applied
domain-wide, or do I have to go to each virtual user after set up and

Check a user account that you have logged into with sqwebmail. There should be a sqwebmail-prefs file there that is a plain text file. You can generate this file automatically with the correct preferences at the time you create the user. Make a script to fill this file in, and run it after you create the user.

I have an elaborate wrapper system that sets up various aspects of each user after they get added, including setting initial sqwebmail prefs, creating extra folders, setting up Maildrop recipes, and some other fun stuff. You might consider creating the same sort of wrapper around vadduser so this becomes automatic to you.



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