So, I found the sqwebmail-config file and can edit it by hand.
Unfortunately, the patch fails on half of the files that it is supposed to
patch, with lines like this,
"Patching file vchkpw.c using Plan A...
Hunk #1 failed at 377."

This issue now appears to me as a SqWebMail bug, and I will report it as

Kiril Todorov writes:

> That's controlled from the sqwebmail-config file, which is in the user's 
> Maildir/.
> Find attached a small patch written by Peter Penchev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> which 
> creates that file in usercreate time with the proper FROM: setting there.
> I think the patch was designed for vpopmail-5.3.20, not sure if it will need 
> adjusting for different versions.
> Hope that helps!
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