That did it!  Logging on as "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" gave 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] both at the top and as the reply-to.

I too use Squirrelmail along with vmailmgr and omail-admin.
Squirrelmail is a script (php) whereas SqWebMail is cgi.  So, SqWebMail
runs at least ~6 times faster -- even with less memory.

Specifically, on a 486-66 with 48MB of memory, Squirrelmail 1.2.11
(with no plug-ins) takes ~29 sec to load the page after log on.
With 32MB it takes ~50sec.  In contrast, with merely 16MB (!),
SqWebMail loads the first page in ~2-5sec.  An astonishing difference.

Tom Collins writes:

> On Wednesday, July 9, 2003, at 02:27  PM, gjohnson wrote:
> > BUG:
> > When I log in to SqWebMail using virtuser%virt.domain
> > I see at the top of the webpage
> I use SquirrelMail instead of SqWebMail so forgive me if this doesn't 
> work.
> What happens if you log in as [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> I had to modify my SquirrelMail installation to convert % to @ on the 
> login, perhaps SqWebMail requires the same.
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