i have installed vpopmail-5.2.1,qmail-1.0.3, qmail-ldap, openldap-2.0.27, qmailadmin-1.0.6 in my Redhat 7.3 box.
    sth seems strange:
    all the work was finished by root user.
    when i added the first domain xxx.com ,succeed。 then i added the users through qmailadmin, qmailadmin reported: xxx could not be added. but actually, this user has been added to the system.
    if i added  user through  vadduser in command line, it reported: Error: Unable to chdir vpopmail/users directory, and the user actually was not be added.
    if i added another domain through vadddomain, it reported: segmentation  fault. but the domain  has been added.  then i deleted this domain through vdeldomain, succeed. and then i added this domain through  vadddomain again, it reported : Unable to chdir to vpopmail/users directory. and the domain still has been added. but if i want to  manager this domain through qmailadmin, i couldn't login. then i repeated the del and add this domain, it always repeat this fact.
    i am so confused about these facts, and i have read the README.ldap and INSTALL and FAQ, i also have read the  archive in the vpopmail website. get no solution ,and the response from the archive is slow. so i seek for help in the mailinglist. another question, i find that there are many  combinations of vpopmail+mysql,  but the combination of vpopmail+ldap is few. has anyone succeed for this combination ?
   thanks a lot .

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