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Hi lixiang,

>     i used your qmailUser.schema;  but make no modification for my
> core.schema, because the modification you provide make the attributetype
> error when start slapd. and because i have had the dc=koal,dc=com entry, so
> my dn.ldif is :

>   dn:ou=people,dc=xxxx,dc=cn
>   objectclass: organizationalUnit
>   ou:people

Ok, look here:
Each entry you add is now a subtree vom "ou=people,dc=xxxx,dc=cn"
So your domains will be stored:



Your users will have entries like:



Your basedn is

So you might use vckpw to auth your users!
See the problem you have ?

> Error: No such object
> matched DN: "ou=people,dc=koal,dc=com"
> -ERR authorization  failed

This is a querry to user: "ou=people,dc=koal,dc=com"
But as you now know this your Basedn and not a valid user.

Everytime you recompile vpopmail, you have to recompile qmailadmin, because it 
is limked against libvpopmail.a !!!!

So try your commandline tools:
- vaddomain
- vadduser
- vmoduser
- vdeluser

If they work, then try to recompile qmailadmin.
You should have a base user call postmaster, which has been setup on adding the 

Get a ldapbrowser like "gq", connect to your ldapserver and you should see 
something like

           -> ou=test1.com

BTW: I wonder that modifiying you core.schema results in an error, because I 
just changed a "must"-flag to a "may"-flag.

Best regards

> ldapadd succeed.  and now i add/delete  domain or users is indeed successful
> in command line. :-)  but i still have 2 problems:
> 1. add user through qmailadmin ,it always report:  Email Account
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (test1) could not be added, but this user actually has been
> added ,and its entry in ldap has also been added.  
> 2. i test the send/receive email through OE client and " telnet 
> email-servers'ip 110" , the authentication always error:
> Error: No such object
> matched DN: "ou=people,dc=koal,dc=com"
> -ERR authorization  failed
> i ensure the password is correct for that user.
Jens Jahr

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