Aha.... I have been having this problem, and have just come in halfway through 
the conversation...

Can somebody spell this out for me a bit more please?

Is that --without-authdaemond in sqwebmail?  In which case how does it verify 
the user... or am I being stupid and missing something completely??


On Thursday 10 July 2003 15:22, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> If you're running authdaemond to cache authentication
> information, that is probably your problem.  Disable
> that at configure-time (--without-authdaemond) and try
> to use it again.
> Valentin Ionescu wrote:
> > Someone recomanded me to update to vpopmail-5.3.38
> > in order to stop getting an "Invalid User Id Or Password"
> > message from sqwebmail but I could't fint it anywhere.
> >
> > The latest version that I could find was 5.3.20 (which is
> > the one I am using right now).
> >
> > Please tell me if there really is a later version then 5.3.20
> > and where could I download it from.
> >
> > Thanks!

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