If everything you say is true, it leads me to believe
there is a corruption in one of the data files somewhere.
Check to make sure /var/qmail/users/assign is correct
and that there is a single dot at the end of the file, etc.
Also check to make sure the vpasswd files in the domain
you're trying to add to are not corrupted.  That is where
I'd start.

Keith Bussey wrote:
Hi all,

My situation is the following:

Vpopmail 5.3.12
PHP 4.2.1

Whenever I try to vadduser from my php script using

`/u4/vpopmail/bin/vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] pass`;

I get the following error:

"Segmentation fault - core dumped"

I am running the script as root.

If I just type the same command not from in a script, it works fine.

Any ideas ? Thanks

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