..and yes, that's an SqWebmail configuration :)

authdaemond simply caches authentication information so that
you arent required to call the authentication module as
frequently (which in theory, would be more efficient).
However, Ive never seen this to be required.  If authdaemon
is disabled, it simply talks to the authentication module.

Howard Miller wrote:

Aha.... I have been having this problem, and have just come in halfway through the conversation...

Can somebody spell this out for me a bit more please?

Is that --without-authdaemond in sqwebmail? In which case how does it verify the user... or am I being stupid and missing something completely??


On Thursday 10 July 2003 15:22, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

If you're running authdaemond to cache authentication
information, that is probably your problem.  Disable
that at configure-time (--without-authdaemond) and try
to use it again.

Valentin Ionescu wrote:

Someone recomanded me to update to vpopmail-5.3.38
in order to stop getting an "Invalid User Id Or Password"
message from sqwebmail but I could't fint it anywhere.

The latest version that I could find was 5.3.20 (which is
the one I am using right now).

Please tell me if there really is a later version then 5.3.20
and where could I download it from.


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