Ok, so I'm installing qmail + vpopmail + courier-imap.

Everything almost works.

But I'm stuck at getting courier-imap to do SMTP-relaying via vpopmail's --roaming-users.

According to the FAQ:

2. Courier-IMAP doesn't  detect roaming users in the vpopmail library
   correctly, so force it by doing something like this just before
3. compile courier-imap with --without-authdaemon --with-authvchkpw
4. Make sure you run your imap server as the same user as your pop
   server (so open-smtp and tcp.smtp have the same ownership).  man
   couriertcpd for details, but you will change /usr/lib/courier-
   imap/libexec/imapd.rc something like this:

Change this line:
/usr/lib/courier-imap/libexec/couriertcpd -address=$ADDRESS \

/usr/lib/courier-imap/libexec/couriertcpd -address=$ADDRESS \
-user=vpopmail -group=vchkpw \

So I do all of this by the book. Now, courier-imap doesn't work if I add the -user=vpopmail -group=vchkpw directives to imapd.rc (as in a vpopmail user can't authenticate).

According to /var/log/messages:

Jul 11 00:53:33 hoss authdaemon: authdaemon: s_connect() failed: Permission denied

If I remove the -user=vpopmail -group=vchkpw directives from imapd.rc, of course, the vpopmail user can authenticate via imap, but simply cannot relay through SMTP.

I assume that I get the s_connect() simply because the permissions to something aren't right. But I haven't a clue as to what that could be! Everything in /home/vpopmail is correct... I'm stumped.

If I can't figure this out, I'll have to go back to POP (which I have successfully got to do roaming-users as per the documentation, and works perfectly), which sucks because I really want to use IMAP exclusively.

Does anyone here have a courier-imap + vpopmail (+ mysql) + qmail setup working properly in this fashion? What am I missing?


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