The short answer is Yes. Vpopmail will be able to do everything you want described below including using different system users for some domains.

The long answer is to read the FAQ and documentation for vpopmail and qmail. You will most likely have to compile vpopmail yourself to get the binaries installed in a different location.



Jens Benecke [work] wrote:

Hi everybody,

I am currently running a server with about 80 domains and about 30 users.
The server runs qmail+QMAILQUEUE+SMTP-AUTH+TARPIT, vmailmgr, daemontools,
dnscache, Squirrelmail 1.4, qmail-pop3d, courier-imap, and sslwrap for POP3
and IMAP. I also have Spamassassin and F-Prot included via Qmail-Scanner. I
additionally have several 'script' aliases (for example sending a mail to
"[EMAIL PROTECTED]" will cause a specific script to be executed as the user
who owns 'domain.foo', where "XYZ" counts as a kind of password for this

Most users have several domains which I just created as aliases in the qmail

I have now been hit hard by spammers (some idiot spammer has been using my
domains as Return-Path for a week and I get about 20.000 "Undeliverable",
"Please confirm" and "YOU F*CKING SPAMMER!11!!" mails a day(!). I want my
users to be able to use TMDA for their domains and I would like a
user-friendly interface for this.

Now, using vmailmgr, I get the impression that most of the add-ons that are desinged for virtual users are made for vpopmail. qmailadmin for example. Also, I get the impression that vpopmail is much more widely used. So:

- Am I correct? Is it a good idea to switch to vpopmail?

- Can I use vpopmail and still have my users read their mail with 'mutt'
locally if they want? Some of the users have SSH access. I understand all
mail will be handled by the 'vpopmail' user, that might present a problem.

- Does vpopmail allow some domains to be excluded and just be forwarded to
eg. /home/jens/Maildir/? (I don't need my own domains to be split up - I
just use a couple .qmail files for @jensbenecke.de).

- Is there a package of vpopmail that does not put everything in the
vpopmail home directory? I have /home mounted 'noexec,nosuid,nodev' (for
security) and I'm not about to change that. Binaries go in /usr/local/bin
or somewhere IMHO ...

Thank you!

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