I made a posting a few weeks about this and didnt' get a reply... so here's another shot.

When I create a domain and set a custom directory (for the domain) of a users directory (ie: /home/user/domain.com/mail), you'd expect mail to go into that folder (and user accounts to be created as /home/user/domain.com/mail/username). However, it then creates a 'domains' directory within that folder. Is there any way to have it accept whatever directory I choose as the directory to add files to?

I know I can move the directory manually and then update /var/qmail/control/users, however I'd of course like to avoid that and have this done right. otherwise, maybe we need a documentation update to properly describe how this works. Personally, I'd like to see the option to just use the directory I specify rather than creating a directory within it.



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