>clearopensmtp doesn't touch the open-smtp.tmp files, it removes
>expired addresses from open-smtp and rebuilds tcp.smtp.cdb.
>The fact that you have a bunch of those files lying around
>though means most likely that the tcp.smtp.cdb file can not
>be rebuilt due to one or more things running as the wrong user.
>chown everything to vpopmail:vchkpw, make sure your pop3
>software is running as vpopmail:vchkpw and then make sure
>your clearopensmtp cron job runs the job as vpopmail.

Ok, noted.  I deleted all the tmp files out, and watched as more were
created (as users POP'ed in).  They were owned by root, and all were 0
bytes.  Just blank files.  I then changed the inetd line to launch pop3d
under vpopmail.vchkpw, and these files were still created, just with
vpopmail.vchkpw ownership.  Also of interest is that an open-smtp.lock file
is created under whichever user pop3d is run under, and does not get
cleared... hrm.

>What pop3 software are you using?  If qmail-pop3d post your
>run script for it, if courier, then the problem is courier
>has disabled the roaming users functionality.  As a temporary
>fix, chown vchkpw vpopmail:vchkpw and then chmod 4755 vchkpw.
>If that fixes it, you definitely have a daemon running as the
>wrong user or something similar.

Using qmail-pop3d out of inetd.

The following line is what I currently have: (matches the docs)

pop3 stream tcp nowait.300 root /var/qmail/bin/qmail-popup qmail-popup
somehost.five-elements.com /home/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw /var/qmai
l/bin/qmail-pop3d Maildir


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