qmail doesn't deliver mail to root.
You need to put under /var/qmail/alias a .qmail-root file, note that the user root will always fall to your DN, in your case katastrofa.com, with some valid mail address so that all mail sent to root will be delivered to that valid mail address. Otherwise [EMAIL PROTECTED] will not get mail.

This is written somehere in the qmail documentation.

Hope this helps.


Ilic Aleksandar writes:

I am trying to solve my problems with vpopmail for days, but it just don't work.
Cause I thought that some qmail patches are making problems, I installed qmail
again, but without any patch, and I installed vpopmail following instructions.
And just to mention that I am working on Slackware-8.1 and mysql-3.23.56,
qmail-1.03 and vpopmail-5.2.1
Before instaling vpopmail I check qmail and it is working just as it is supposed
to, also MySQL is working.
I confgiure vpopmail like this:

./configure --prefix=/home/vpopmail --enable-auth-logging=y --enable-mysql-logging=y
--enable-logging=e --enable-default-domain=katastrofa.com --enable-mysql=y --enable-valias=y
I create user admin with pass secret in mysql and put it in vmysql.h. And of
course I check this user, and it is working. I grant to that user access to all
databases with all privileges
create database vpopmail
make install-strip

After that, I have no table in DB vpopmail, so I had to create them manually. But
never mind.

I create domain katastrofa.com and users: flylord, root, test, postmaster,
I start qmail-send, qmail-smtpd and qmail-pop3 with daemontools as it is written
in docs, and it is working. I can send mails, I can check and view mails via
Than, I create file /home/vpopmail/domains/katastrofa.com/.qmail-flylord :

and when I send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED], forwarding is not working.
Just to mention that no dot-qmail file is working. Vpopmail just don't process
those files.
Thanks in advance
Ilic Aleksandar

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