Hello, I am in the process of converting an old post.office mail server to 
qmail/vpopmail/courier/qmailadmin/vqmailadmin server.  I came up with a problem that I 
home some one can help me with

After looking at post.office account list I found the following problems

1.  Users login as User,  not [EMAIL PROTECTED]
2.  Several   users login as numbers like      23433   = [EMAIL PROTECTED]
3.  Several users logins are very long like     john_smith_foobar_com   = [EMAIL 

What I want to do is set vpopmail to use a mysql server and conform to mysql auth 
specification.  I am willing to use a secondary mod to solve this problem but need 
suggections on what ones and how.   

If I only had problem 1.  I would change the path to /etc/passwd  in the code to run a 
standalone passwd list but /etc/passwd doesn't like problem 2 and 3.

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