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I hope this helps some of you and we really hope it gets adopted as the new qmailadmin interface. Please give us feedback in the mailing list and if you would like to see these changes in future releases of qmail admin please show your support.


I like where you're going with parts of this interface, but I noticed that you have many buttons rendered as graphics with text inside. Unfortunately, this breaks QmailAdmin's multi-language support.

Would it be possible to modify the templates to use straight text instead? That way we could move the text into the language files and allow for translations into all supported languages.

I had considered an interface where there was a thin menu bar across the top of each screen with something like this:

Main Menu | [+] Email Accounts | [+] Forwards | [+] Mail Robots | [+] Mailing Lists | Log Out

The [+] would be linked to "add", the main text would be linked to the "list" page for each account type.

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