Yeah, I get your point; it is a little XP-ish.  However, it looks great and them main advantages is that it is so much easier for a user to understand.  Also, it break the navigation into a side bar rather then being surrounded by the qmailadmin shell which makes application integration much easier.  And if you really hate the XP look that much, you can always change the graphics.  They are all in the images directory.  So you can give it what ever look you want.


We integrated this in with squirrelmail.  We iframe in squirrelmail and qmailadmin into our company’s management application.  This allows our users to login with their email address and it lets them manage their account through qmail admin and check their mail at the same time without having to login into 2 different applications.  It is slick and a seamless integration.


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it's nice to see mods to it, but its got a cutsey, windows xpish feel to it, so that really what you want a web app to look like thats primarily nix based?

hehe shrug im just picky, good job


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Subject: [mail-toaster] Finally Posted - New Look, Feel, and Navigation for Qmailadmin


Hello Everyone,


My business partners and I finally had the time to put up our changes to the qmailadmin interface.  We have changed the look and feel and navigation.  Our changes make it a snap to iframe qmailadmin into other web applications.  This is the main reason we changed it.  We also changed the way adding, managing, and deleting forwards and mailing lists are displayed in an attempt to make it less confusing to the user.  I wrote a few weeks back asking who I should send the changes to and I was told to post them for download.  As a result, we have set up a URL where you can go and download our changes.  We have also added screen shots so you can see what some of the changes look like before do your install.  We have tested everything heavily and as far as we know there are no bugs.


I hope this helps some of you and we really hope it gets adopted as the new qmailadmin interface.  Please give us feedback in the mailing list and if you would like to see these changes in future releases of qmail admin please show your support.


To download the new look and feel, please visit:


Thanks all! 


Justin C.


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