Ok, cause when i checked it through www.abuse.net it said that my server
was open for relay.

Open Relay Test Results
Default domain is staff.iinet.net.au

Connecting to martine.fjord-data.no ...

<<< 220 martine.fjord-data.no ESMTP 
>>>> HELO staff.iinet.net.au 
<<< 250 martine.fjord-data.no 

>>>> MAIL FROM: 
<<< 250 ok 
>>>> RCPT TO: 
<<< 250 ok 
>>>> DATA 
<<< 354 go ahead 
<<< 250 ok 1058294435 qp 1401 

Relay Accepted - final response code 250

If you dont recieve it then its not a relay (Its still a Bad Thing (TM)
that it accepted)

Check your email

So this is normal, or have I done something wrong ??

Bård Tommy Nilsen

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Emne: Re: [vchkpw] possible smtp-auth bug (qmail)

On Tuesday, July 15, 2003, at 04:55  AM, Bård Tommy Nilsen wrote:
> Sorry for starting the discussion.
> If I set up an script that generates mail from one adress in the 
> rcpthost to
> Another adress in rcpthost I can fill every mailbox on the server ...
> I thought that smtp auth should prevent that anyone could send
> through the
> Server without being authenticated ... But I you do it this way you
> RELAY without
> Being smtp authenticated

By definition, mail for domains in your rcpthosts file (and 
morercpthosts.cdb) isn't relayed.

An open relay is a server that will accept mail for any domain, and 
then forward it on.

If your server didn't accept mail for domains in the rcpthosts file, it 
would be impossible for anyone to send you email.

Tom Collins
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