Nils wrote:

I'm migrating a customers qmail, vpopmail, etc from BSD to a machine
running RedHat 7.3.  I've got qmail and vpopmail running (as far as I
can tell), but when trying to use sqwebmail, it uses authdaemond.plain
to authenticate via /home/vpopmail/users/vpasswd.cdb

So with vadduser I can add a user to a domain, which is good, but only
adds their username/password to /home/vpopmail/domains/_DOMAIN_/vpasswd
and vpasswd.cdb.  But with authdaemond.plain using
/home/vpopmail/users/vpasswd.cdb, it doesn't see the changes made because
they aren't written to this file.

I seriously must be missing a big chunk of the picture because I can not
figure out how to make this work.  Anyone, with any help would be
greatly appreciated.

Have your IMAP/POP3 server (courier?) use vchkpw authentication.

Some people have problems using authdaemond so its often better to rebuild courier to use vchkpw directly instead of authdaemond. Either way vchkpw should do what you want.

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