Hi, Jens:
   actually, my rootdn was " cn=root,dc=koal,dc=com" in both my vldap.h and slapd.conf 
in the before,  and i ensured that the basedn in vldap.h was 
"ou=people,dc=koal,dc=com" .  i tested what you mentioned  just now, this cann't help 
me .
  the "err acck ,child crashed " error remains.
 if i input a user which doesn't exsit,  it will reports " err authorization failed".  
if i input the correct user and password, it will reports" err acck, child crashed" .  
i think it has recognized the user and password ,but  sth lead to the "child crashed" 
error.  i have searched the vpopmail mailing list, there were many reports about the 
same error, and it seems that many reasons will lead to this error, but until now, i 
still havn't find any valuable solution to me.

my configure parameters:

./configure --enalbe-ldap=y --enable-roaming-users=y --enable-logging=y 

redhat 7.3 

any suggestions?
thanks a lot,  :-), 

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