Hi Matthias,

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 15:27:24 +0200 Matthias F. Brandstetter wrote:

> Then, I added a 2nd domain with vadddomain, and a 2nd test-user under 
> this new domain. Problem now is: If I send an email to this 
> [EMAIL PROTECTED], this email is stored into the account from 

What happens to a mail to 


while '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' does *NOT* exist?

What does 

qmail-showctl |grep '[vV]irtual'

print out?

> I have no idea how this could be, vadddomain seems to add all entries 
> for this 2nd virtual domain ok to all config files.

Well ... if everything would be OK the mail would be delivered to the
correct mailbox, wouldn't it? :-)

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