Hello Everyone,

Per Charles, Ken, and a few others requests, I have posted some screen
shots showing how we have seamlessly integrated the squirrelmail and
qmailadmin software application together under one login.

This could be used to integrate these and other application, so to your
customers all these different software application look uniform and as

This makes it easier for small companies like ours to compete and allows
us to give our customers big company functionality utilizing the many
open source utilities available to us.  Everything can be centralized
and it makes it easier on the customer, your support teams, and your
development teams.

Building a shell application that could iframe in a multitude of other
application with very little work may be another good open source
project that could be started.

We have posted 4 screenshots and brief instructions on how to
incorporate different apps using Iframes and PHP.

We posted this right below the instruction and screenshots for the
qmailadmin interface we designed.

You can see this and download the files for the qmailadmin interface we
designed here:


Thanks all and I hope this helps!

Justin C.

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