On Sat, 19 Jul 2003, Jeff Hedlund wrote:

> This definitely needs to be looked into as a bug, but in the meantime--
> why don't you check out my mailfilter script here:
> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=qmailadmin&m=105689448125793&w=2
> You are calling maildrop from the directory where the Maildir is, why
> not use the PWD environment var instead of running vuserinfo?
> That script also picks apart the PWD to get EXT and HOST.

What shell are you using within maildrop?  I modified my filter and it
seems something is not quite working:

Modifying my filter like so:

USERNAME=`echo ${PWD##*/}`
USERHOST=`PWDTMP=${PWD%/*}; echo ${PWDTMP##*/}`
#VHOME=`/home/vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo -d [EMAIL PROTECTED]
log "====="
if ( $SIZE < 262144 )
        exception {
                #xfilter "/usr/local/bin/spamc -f -u [EMAIL PROTECTED]"
                xfilter "/usr/local/bin/spamc -f -u [EMAIL PROTECTED]"

I get the following in my qmail log when a message arrives:

2003-07-20 19:04:02.689482500 delivery 13903: deferral:



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