HI List

I have a question about the limits witch can be set up in a mysql table.

So, i did the installation with the limits in a mysql Table called

Now, I'm hosting also other domains for my friends and I d'like to give
the administrativ account to set the quotas of a domain, set the max.
aresses or max. mailinglists.

Vqadmin has this feauture but this one writes .qmail*****(can the rest
not remind) 
Config files in witch the Data are stored witch i need in the

Qmailadmin, ist a verry nice tool, but not able to handle this, or are
I'm false?.... 
I know, if the table is clear, qmailadmin makes troubles, but it isn't

Is there a other tool?.... The best is a webbased ...it's easyer to 
administrate for my non unix friends...

Thanks a lot for your tipps

Greetings Hannes Widmer

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