You would handle delivery from Server1 to Server2 making Server1 the primary
MX record.  Then from there, you will have the domains listed in smtproutes
to hand of to Server2.  Also, make sure your domains are listed in rcpthosts
on Server1 or they will be rejected.

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> Hi people,
> I would like make a big server with qmail +vpopmail +mysql +procmail. I
> in this structure:
> Server 1: Mx domain + smtp delivery +filters (Antispam, user
> and antivirus)
> This server basically is the mail gateway of all domains, where is passed
> the filters rules per domain and redirect all mails to server 2
> Server 2: Pop3 accounts + mysql server
> Here is created all accounts.
> This schema is good for multiple domains?
> Another question is how do i do the message delivery the messages from
> to server2?
> Thanks
> Marcos Dutra

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