I have qmail+vpopmail for company.com, but they have 3 departments
located in other cities, these 3 locations are connected on slow lines.
Problem is, that poeople in all 3 locations using same domain for mail
I want setup somehow mailserver on each site like d1.company.com,
d2.company.com. But I dont want let them send mail which is local send
through main site.

                                        |-----d1.company.com (smith, neo)
                                        |-----d2.company.com (trinity)

Main Server has primary mailboxes for neo, trinity, smith. and it has setup
to forward these adreses to [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED] ....
but how setup server d1.company.com to send mail between
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and [EMAIL PROTECTED] without message traveling
to main server and back. i need save traffic ;((
I try vaddaliasdomain to setup alias for d1.company.com but it works
only on local users, if i send mail from d1.company.com to regular
user on main server, it wont work.

or i miss something ? its possible do it somehow thru .smtproutes ?
plz, any info really help.
Thank you in advance


ps: sorry for crappy english ;)

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