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Subject: [vchkpw] Re: maildrop account on Virtual Domains
Date: 24/07/03 09:00

Hello Rudi,

1.) Please don't top-post.
2.) Please don't CC my on replies, I'm reading the mailing list.
3.) Please consider, as already suggested by Kiril, to avoid posting
HTML mails. If possible stick with plain text mails.

On Wednesday, July 23, 2003 at 11:28:14 PM you wrote (at least in
[quoting fixed]
>>> Can someone please tell me howto do this? If I have a domain, with
>>> one main account, and 10 mailboxes, how do I tell it that
>>> everything except for the 10 mailboxes must goto the main account?

>> Change
>> '~vpopmail/domains//.qmail-default' with a text editor
>> from "|/path/to/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox" to
>> "|/path/to/vdelivermail '' /Full/path/to/a/vpopmail/user/directory",
>> e.g.
>> "|/home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail ''

> Thanx for the suggestion, but this doesn't seem to work in my case, since
> I have Maildir mailbox'es.

Well, what makes you assume it doesn't work for you? Have you tried
it? What's the error message? If you haven't tried: why do you think
it won't work? N.b.: nearly _everybody_ using vpopmail has 'Maildir'
structures for storing messages. vdelivermail is designed to work with

>>> And then, how would this setup work if I had fetchmail running as
>>> well?

>> ???
>> Fetchmail injects to MTA and MTA decides how to deliver.
>> Above setup tells MTA (qmail) and MDA (vpopmail) what to do, what
>> should fetchmail have to know about this catch-all?

> The question I have with fetchmail is, I have a multidrop pop
> account, which I download via fetchmail. This account can take
> <any-email-address>@domain, and this is where the problem lies. I
> want to be able to filter say <pete>@domain, and forward that to the
> user Pete. And this is where I got stuck

Option 1.) Consult the fetchmail documentation for fetchmail splitting
the messages and injecting them for "pete", "rudi" or "john".

Option 2.) Write a [shell|awk|sed|<whatever>] script or program that
can do this and inject messages into this script/program from
fetchmail via 'mda' parameter. Or use something like 'procmail' or
'maildrop'. vdelivermail is not designed to extrapolate the necessary
information from a multidrop mailbox stream.

P.S.: Second time: For future mails to this list you really should disable
1.) It's superfluous. It contains the same address as "From" and
therefore is absolutely useless.
2.) It makes it impossible to easily reply to the list for those MUAs
capable of List-Reply by evaluating 'List-Post' header.
'Reply-To' takes, for obvious reasons, precedence over
Thank you.
Best regards
Peter Palmreuther

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