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Subject: Re: [vchkpw] maildrop config
Date: 25/07/03 05:18

> On Sunday 20 July 2003 09:06, Rudi Ahlers wrote:
> &gt; Does anyone know if maildrop can be used to filter mail for all
> &gt; users on a domain?
> &gt; I have a dialup account, which I download
&lt;all-addresses&gt;@domain for, but
> &gt; now I want to filter it, so that &lt;user&gt;@domain will point to
> &gt; [EMAIL PROTECTED], and &lt;user2&gt;@domain will point to
> &gt;
> &gt; Can this be done?
> Have you tried a simple vpopmail domain alias?
> Or are you wanting to actually COPY mail
> between the two domains?
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Uhm, no, I download email via fetchmail, and then I need to distribute the
email to the local users on the LAN. The problem is, we only have on pop3
account with our upstream provider, yet many users on the internal LAN.
So, is [EMAIL PROTECTED] sends an email, our internal mailserver sends
it out fine. We have a dialup, so we have to use an upstream service provide
to collect our mail, on an ETRN mail account. Which means, our account is
for instance [EMAIL PROTECTED], but mail for [EMAIL PROTECTED]
(vi MX pointer) goes to [EMAIL PROTECTED], so does
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and [EMAIL PROTECTED] Now, want to filter those
emails for the various users, and forward it to their internal mail
accounts. Similar to what procmail would do, but procmail doesn't seem to
work. I have qmail + Maildir setup, and then vpopmail for our internal LAN,
for the mere reason that I want to be able to setup a few virtual internal

I hope this explains it better?


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