On Saturday 26 July 2003 14:28, Pete OConnell wrote:
> Any ideas? gettin a bit desperate now.
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>   From: Pete OConnell
>   Sent: Friday, July 25, 2003 6:19 PM
>   Subject: [vchkpw] Error in Authorisation
>   I run the following command
>   /home/vpopmail/bin# ./vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>   and use the password as bigbob (not usual password) :) and it fails
> authorisation.
>   -ERR authorization failed
>   I use the username of [EMAIL PROTECTED] am I doing
> something wrong?

the only question i see here is "am I doing something wrong?"

so the answer to your question is... "yes". if it's not working, then it's 
probably a safe bet to say that you are indeed doing something wrong.

with that said, i also think it's a safe bet that, if you were to ask the 
question you really meant to ask, it would have been something along the 
lines of "what am i doing wrong, and does anybody have any suggestions for 
how i can get it to work correctly?"

i know this may sound kind of rude, and in a small way it's meant to (it's 
meant more to get your attention than to offend.) the problem is that you 
aren't asking a very good question. i would suggest you visit the following 
web page before asking questions on this list (or any other mailing list) 


of course, i think everybody can benefit from reading this page, even if 
you've read it before. i read through it myself every few months, because 
i'm not perfect- i've been known to ask questions without thinking from 
time to time.

with that said, the people on the list are not mind readers. we will need 
more information if we are going to try and help you. and even though my 
remarks above may sound a bit rude, i do want to try and help. (i'm not 
really a jerk, i just play one on TV...)

what version of vpopmail are you running? what kind of system? what kind of 
authentication (LDAP, mysql, cdb files, etc.) are you using?

WHEN are you seeing the error message? is it when you type the vadduser 
command? when you try to do a POP3 or IMAP session? if it's part of a POP3 
or IMAP session, what POP3/IMAP server are you running? how does that 
software handle authentication?

are you using what you know to be a correct password, or are you 
deliberately using the wrong password in order to make sure it fails when 
it's supposed to? your message isn't 100% clear on this point.

have you checked the disk usage (both blocks and inodes) on the filesystem 
containing /home/vpopmail? have you checked the ownership and permissions 
of the various files?

vpopmail itself is designed to set up, administer, and deliver mail to, 
local domains. it provides a checkpassword program so that POP3/IMAP 
clients written for qmail will work with vpopmail, but it is not a POP3 or 
IMAP server itself. as long as incoming mail makes it to the correct place 
under /home/vpopmail, the vpopmail software is doing its job.

i mention this because, if it's a POP3/IMAP issue, you may have better 
results asking on the mailing list of the POP3/IMAP software. that's not to 
say people here won't at least try to help you though.

to sum it up, your question needs a LOT more detail before anybody is going 
to be able to help you.


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