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Subject: Re: [vchkpw] vpopmail without qmail
Date: 27/07/03 21:11

> On Sunday 27 July 2003 14:54, Rudi wrote:
> &gt; Has anyone installed vpopmail without qmail? I have a RH machine with
> &gt; postfix, which I would like to use, vpopmail on, but when I try and
> &gt; install it, I get this error:
> &gt;
> &gt; configure: error: Unable to find your qmaildir directory, specify
> &gt; --enable-qmaildir.
> &gt;
> &gt; How do I install it without qmail?
> &gt; Is it possible?
> no. the documentation plainly says &quot;requires qmail 1.03&quot;, right
at the
> beginning. the entire program is written to work within qmail's framework.
> it may be possible to re-write it all from scratch to work with postfix,
> then it wouldn't be vpopmail anymore.
> and fix your Reply-To: header. it contains your name but no email address,
> making it difficult for people to reply to your messages.
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Ok, so I have to install qmail, even though I want to use postfix? Cause
there is a page on their website explaining howto get it to work wit
postfix. Has anyone got it working with Postfix yet?

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