Hi again

I hope someone can shed some light on this topic. I have an ISDN dailup
connection, with a FBDS + qmail + vpopmail + mysql box on my LAN. When I
send emails to local users, all is fine. But, when I send email to
www.webmail.co.za, I get the following message:

Knocky qmail: 1059263981.990167 delivery 7: deferral:

My internal LAN is on the IP range, and I send email to my
server (, which then directly sends it out on the net.
Is there a way to deliver local mail locally, and all other mail to my
upstream ISP?
As per the FAQ, I have to add my upstream mail server address, and then
disable local delivery (hash it out in /etc/inetd), but then it doesn't run
at all.

Any ideas?

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