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> When the next devel cycle happens, I think it would be worthwhile to
> at turning vpopmail into a fully db-backed delivery agent.  Some goals
> that that would help accomplish are:
> -easy development of a web frontend in any language that can talk SQL
> -easy integration with other web products, such as squirrelmail
> -ability to use vpopmail with other MTAs
> -easy integration with many billing backends
> -more efficiency; instead of having to read upwards of five files for
> every delivery and executing as many programs, one db call and one
> to a filteing program.
> It seems to me that vdelivermail is very close to being able to do

Hmmm interesting... vdelivermail could stop trying to use .qmail files
altogether and simply rely totaly on SQL.

One way to do this would be to merge maildrop's filtering laguage and
mailbot's autoresponder functionalty into vdelivermail.  Perhaps
something like a sub-module.

The point here is that vdelivermail would read ALL the settings from SQL
and take care of everything right down to dropping the mail in the

Well that would take care of our SETUID problems.

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