Have you checked your /etc/inetd for anything starting with SMTP? Hash it
out, and restart inetd. That will probably solve the "tcpserver: fatal:
unable to bind: address already used", if you have an SMTP server running
from there. Else, kill sendmail / postfix / exim if it apprears in "ps ax"
Regarding your second question, depending on the platform used, you can "cp
/var/qmail/bin/maildir /var/qmail/rc && /var/qmail/rc start"
Goto /var/qmaill/docs/ and checkout the README.* files, to see which file
from /var/qmail/bin you want to use.

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I've installed qmail following "Lfe with qmail" and vpopmail with the
scripts that allow roaming users to use our smtp server without opening
  the machine up to everyone on the internet.

Now I've the subject error. I guess it's produced because qmail
supervise is running from the original "Life with qmail" configuration.

How could avoid supervise to start or how could I use FAQ scripts with
supervise to avoid to receive subject error in
/var/qmail/log/smtpd/current and pop3d/current ?

Thanks in advance !


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