On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Juan Hernandez wrote:

> The problem comes when one user logs into the server thru IMAP using
> webmail and then if he lf he logs back again thru pop3 will most of the
> time get errors, Is it because of all the directories that IMAP creates?

Probably not.  What pop server are you using?  Qmail's popper or the
Courier popper?  How are you starting the popd?  What are the errors the
user gets when using pop?

> Is it because I have to apply a patch or something?? Is it because you
> either have to log all the time with IMAP or POP3 and not both??

Probably not, you should be able to use both imap/pop at the same time,
Maildirs should not have a problem with that at all.


> Thanx a lot for your help and expect more mails in this great mailing
> list
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