Yep, it doesn't end....

So, I have the legacy data all brought over.

Made sure I have /var/qmail/users/*, and /var/qmail/control/*

Of course, also brought up all the /home/vpopmail/domains/*

Now, when running vconvert -c -m

I get a bunch of domains that claim to have converted, and a bunch of
domains that haven't converted (even though they claim '...done!'), and a
bunch of domains that won't convert as they claim to have an error ('you
have an error in your sql syntax .... At line 2').

When looking at the domains that did not carry over with phpmyadmin, the
'bad' ones show up as 1.0k in size, and nothing to browse.

But even those that claim to be 'good' don't have all users in the schema,
and are obviously missing some essential datas (when checking them out with
qmail-toaster, or qmailadmin (qmailadmin will simply refuse to login with a
'file permissions error /path/to/domain/postmaster/Maildir/1059630555.qw')

I did make sure that all files have the vpopmail:vchkpw ownerships, and same
permissions as on the prior server.

Any ideas...?


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