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I would like to do virus scanning per virtual domain. is there any solution of this?

i've never heard of doing it "only for certain domains", i would imagine if you're going to do it, that you would want to do it for all email. that's like setting up a border checkpoint but only inspecting blue cars.

why would you want to do virus scans for only certain domains?

if the answer involves using virus scanning as a premium service, i think you're going the wrong way with it. if you have the capability to do virus scanning, do it for all mail- and make a lot of noise about the fact that you're doing it and doing it for free. this way your network is protected (except for users who access other mail servers directly) and you get a lot of free publicity- users will tell their friends "i use triak.hu for email, they do virus scans for free."

at my last employer i set up qmail-scanner as an experiment, a week before the "melissa virus" was released and caused so much trouble on the internet. our mail servers were busier than normal for a few weeks, but the mail servers were dropping messages with viruses and the users loved it. they loved it so much they started talking us up to their friends, and over the next month we saw almost three times as many new signups.

if you still insist on doing the virus scanning for only certain domains, check http://www.qmail.org/ and look there for information. your question is close to being off-topic for this mailing list.

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