On Friday 01 August 2003 04:04 pm, Ajai Khattri wrote:

> I just signed up with Trustic last week and your idea of sending 
> doublebounces to Trustic automatically is brilliant!
> Thanks,
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> Aj.
> Systems Administrator / Developer

I don't send them automatically, I'm dubious of automatic reporting and like 
to verify there is nothing unusual that will trip up trustics parser.

I give them the quick once over, then do fwd as attach.  I have my trustic 
address in my address book and as soon as I type the first character, it 
appears, hit enter and send.

Bob's your uncle.

A lot quicker than finding the offending IP, doing a lookup, finding the 
provider, then a abuse report etc.

My experience from the smtp log so far is that for every 10 spamhaus denies, I 
get 8 trustic denies and 1 ordb.

I have now removed my badmailfrom and tcp.smtp    (allow,RBLSMTPD="-banned for 
spamming"   rules) as they are too fixed and ridgid whereas spamhaus, ordb 
and trustic are flexible, continuously updated, and people can get out if 
they fix their systems/procedures/TOS.

Fair is fair.

Natural justice, or due process as the yanks say.

I expect trustic to get better as more people provide spam mails.

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