marrandy wrote:

I don't send them automatically, I'm dubious of automatic reporting and like to verify there is nothing unusual that will trip up trustics parser.

I give them the quick once over, then do fwd as attach. I have my trustic address in my address book and as soon as I type the first character, it appears, hit enter and send.

This is what I already do right now. In fact, I had been saving spam for several months now (I intended to use them to train SpamAss), so I used mutt to bounce over 5000 of them to Trustic over the weekend :-)

I expect trustic to get better as more people provide spam mails.


Im waiting for the beta to end because one of my servers is marked as untrusted but I cannot claim it as that feature is switched off during the beta. (It was untrusted because one of our customer's servers was compromised and then used to send 50,000 spams through our mail server (which treated their mail server as
a trusted relay!).

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