Hello Everyone,

Due to many requests, I have posted our patched New Look & Feel for
qmailadmin version 1.0.23 source on our website for download.  

Initially I had just the patched files on the site, but I have had an
overwhelming amount of request from people that would like the already
patched version so they wouldn't have to find the 1.0.23 version and
then patch it themselves.

The site has instruction on it.  

I still have the patched files for download as well along with our
squirrelmail them that was also requested by many.

As soon as the project goes to the next version and all of the html is
moved from the sources into a template system, we will upgrade our stuff
to work in the new system.  At that time will fix the multi language
problem with the images.

Thanks all for you support and praise on the new look.  These files can
be downloaded at:


Thank you,

Justin C.

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