Tim, MrSam, Michael Bowe - (Sorry for top-posting;)

I do enable IMAP_Emptytrash... but here's what's confusing.
This server has been running this exact configuration since January.  Only
in the last month have I noticed the dropped/lost messages.  In that
month's time, the only change to the configuration was a move from
Squirrelmail v1.40RC1 to v1.4.1 (my stated version was in error on
original post).

Since Squirrel can or does use its own IMAP engine (I am using Squirrel's
IMAP routines), I'm starting to wonder if Squirrel is writing messages
when they are touched that names/renames the message file to become
"confusing" for Courier IMAP when it's time to try moving the file to
another folder.

I don't understand the IMAP file naming system, so this is a complete W.A.G.

In a previous post, Michael Bowe noted that PHP 4.3.x has caused some
problems after an IMAP mod he proposed.  I am using *most* of his
excellent configuration - including his proposed IMAP mod.

However, since I'm losing messages when using Mozilla's IMAP client as
well, I'm inclined to guess that 1) either Squirrel/PHP are "mistouching"
the file/filename, or 2) Michael's IMAP mod is the problem.  Tim, your
microtime issue is another contender, of course, but I'm confused why it
hasn't reared its head until recently.....

Any takers on this line of thought?  Sorry about the long post.
THANKS, BTW, for the contributions so far.

> Quoting Dave Richardson - Lists <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> 6:2,S
> 3:2,RS
> [..snip..]
>> 1059675921.19351.penguin.example.com,S=163777:2,S
>> 1059689347.25043.penguin.example.com,S=2461:2,S
> Ok, the above says it all (from your last 2 or 3 emails)
> You also mentioned you are using Couirer-imap 1.7 which I believe is buggy
> or
> not backwards compatible!!
> If you look in Courier-imap's changelog, for version 1.7.0 (changes made
> by Mr
> Sam on 2003-01-14), you will see:
> * maildir/maildircreateh.c (maildir_try_create_hostname): Include
>       microseconds in message filename.
> When I migrated one of my servers from a courier-imap 1.6.2 to a
> courier-imap
> 1.7.0, I had the SAME problem that you are currently having. I think the
> problem manifests itself only in older messages with the older style names
> (I
> could be wrong). Does that problem happen only when you have
> enabled?
> Anyways, stick with 1.6.1 till Mr Sam, me, or someone else figures out a
> fix.
> Perhaps Mr. Sam could shed more light on the subject. I hope he didn't
> mind me
> cc'ing him on this, since I wanted to ask him anyhow.
> Best Regards,
> Tim

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