On Tuesday, July 29, 2003, at 12:37 PM, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
Will valiases support program delivery lines and such? If not, will valias
support work in a mixed environment alongside .qmail files?

I haven't fully explored valiases yet, but my understanding is that they are a replacement for the .qmail-user files used for aliases/forwards. Instead of storing the information in a file, it's stored in a database table.

We haven't decided yet whether QmailAdmin will be compiled to use both valias and .qmail-user files simultaneously. When switching over to valias support, we might require the admin to run a tool to move all aliases into the table. Or, we could read from both the valias table and .qmail-user files to display settings, and save new and updated forwards to the table (deleting the .qmail-user file once successful).

We do know that valias support in QmailAdmin will wait until we have a stable version to release, which should be soon. We're focusing almost entirely on bugfixes at this point.

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