Matthias Henze wrote:
when i create an account, say [EMAIL PROTECTED] and i create a vacation message every this works fine when i mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] i get the autoresponse. ok, but what happens when i create an alias for [EMAIL PROTECTED], say, [EMAIL PROTECTED] with qmailadmin? a .qmailfile is created wiht a direct reference to the maildir. THIS IS NONESENS when you considder, that there may be a .qmailafile in the users home wiht e.g. a autoresponder (or maildrop or what ever).

all this make one of the two features useless - aliases in qmailadmin style or qmailadmins vacation function.

what do you think - am i wrong ??

This has been fixed in the development version of qmailadmin (can be downloaded from the sourceforge page:

Also- this has been discussed on this list several times, try searching the archives:


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