On Tuesday, August 5, 2003 at 16:13 (which was Tuesday, August 5, 2003
at 10:13 where I am) Shane Chrisp wrote:

> When you say you are having problems with qmailscanner, what
> problems are you having?

Using the default method of vpopmail's rebuilding of the tcpserver
file, when a roaming user does POP3-before-SMTP, an entry with
RELAYCLIENT="" gets added to the cdb (the actual source file isn't
added but rather appended to the entries generated by vpopmail if I'm
not mistaken).

If the RELAYCLIENT variable is set, qmail-scanner will no longer pull
the mail through SpamAssassin. An administrator may still want to have
mails from relayclients processed by SpamAssassin, or have some other
variables added for other purposes.

Currently, the only way to do this is by changing the source so that
the entry added to the cdb includes the additional variables that may
be needed.

This leads to a rather inflexible situation as there is then no way to
separately define variables for one or the other.

It would be nice if it were possible to create a second basefile for
tcpserver which would be used by vpopmail to match the incoming IP of
a roaming user against this file and then add an entry with the
specified variables to the cdb or at least be able to specify a
default line to be used for roaming users.


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