Release Notes:

This release corrects various errors in the 5.3.22 and 5.3.23
releases.  It should now compile properly on FreeBSD, and it
shouldn't segfault when trying to add or remove a domain.

Charles Boening supplied some needed updates to the pgsql
code, and we have a few other maintenance fixes as well.


Tom Collins
- Removed all references to timezone to be POSIX compliant.  Now
  uses gmtime() with +0000 for date header.
- Fixed bug in my updated vget_assign that caused segfaults
  in many cases (including running vadddomain and vdeldomain).

Michael Bowe
- Update vget_assign calls with NULL directory pointer to use
  0 for buffer size.
- Add missing backslashes (\) to vpgsql.h (see 5.3.21 vmysql.h).
- Check for NULL return when calling vauth_getpw() in vldap.c.

Charles Boening
- Update configure.in to work for pgsql compiles.
- Add --enable-pgsql-logging configure option.
- Add vauth_crypt() to vpgsql.c.

Yann St. Arnaud
- Remove #ifdef FOOB from vchkpw.c to re-enable

Jens Jahr
- Support for clear text passwords when using LDAP.

Oden Eriksson
- Remove unnecessary errno declaration in cdb/cdb_seek.c.

Evren Yurtesen
- Added contrib/sendmail2vpopmail.pl for converting from sendmail
  aliases and virtusertable entries to vpopmail domains.

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