I do a same config like what cream does...
it work very very fine with me..( so far half a year )

It is nothing to do with vpopmail... pure qmail control file only

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>my mailserver1 has been configured properly and it is up and running
>any problem. Just do not have the idea of setting up and backup mail

It isnt really a vpopmail issue, it is a Qmail issue.

You put it in rcpthosts on mailserver2, that means it will recive mail for
that domain, since it isnt in the local domains, or virtualdomains, it cant
deliver it locally, and will try to deliver it remotely.
- with standard settings it should keep trying for 5 days, then give up
- you dont need vpopmail installed, just a plain Qmail server

(somebody please correct me if im wrong)

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