After pulling my hair out attempting to figure out why password learning
did not work, I looked at vchkpw.c to see what the problem was. It appears
someone left a #ifdef FOOB write before password learning effectively
disabling that feature. I simply removed the ifdef and recompiled and it
worked. Just thought I should let someone know.

--- vchkpw.c-orig       Tue Aug  5 15:55:53 2003
+++ vchkpw.c            Tue Aug  5 16:04:03 2003
@@ -403,7 +403,6 @@

-#ifdef FOOB
   /* check for a valid vpopmail passwd field */
   if ( vpw->pw_passwd==NULL||vpw->pw_passwd[0]==0) {
@@ -420,7 +419,6 @@
                               TheName, IpAddr, LogLine);

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