Shane Chrisp wrote:

I thought that mail3 was now going to be just a smtp gateway that
did spam assassin/virus checking etc and then sent the mail onto
the internal system? Mail3 will need a record of the domain in the
rcpthosts file so that it knows to accept mail for the domain and then a record in the smtproutes file so it knows what to do with it
once its been processed. The machine will need the
domain in both rcpthosts (or morercpthosts) and also in virtdomains,
but that is handled by vpopmail for you when you add the domain.

Unless you are still running virtual domains on mail3, there is no
need to use vpopmail on that system any longer as qmail is doing all
the procesing.

It will be running virtual domains as well. I used the morercpthosts file and then ran the qmail-newmrh to create the cdb, and it suddenly all sprang to life.

I've got a very complex mail network setup unfortunately. With VPopmail I needed to support virtual domains and be able to smtp queue domains for clients that wanted spam/virus filtering but wanted a local mail server. With VPopmail having lock and access to rcpthosts I was unsure as of how to do it.

Another little tidbit to add to my qmail knowledge.... morercpthosts :D Thanks to all problem is solved. Hope someone else finds this useful.

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