Tom Walsh wrote:

::Okay on another note i'm having a boggling time getting the "Seekable"
::patch SpamAssassin wants to apply to vpopmail..
::it patches fine but then on compile i get.. this is on a newly untared
::vpopmail with only allow-roaming users=y set in the config.
::gcc -I. -Icdb     -g -O2 -Wall -c seek.c
::seek.c:24: conflicting types for `lseek'
::/usr/include/stdio.h:278: previous declaration of `lseek'
::*** Error code 1
::has anyone else any idea what's going on? seems like vpopmail really
::doesn't like me this week.


Which version of vpopmail are you applying this to?

It sounds like you are patching a version that already has the seekable
patch in it... I think it was added to the code base for all version after

The patch is only needed if you want to use a version older than that.

Tom Walsh
Network Adminstrator

When i try the newer 5.3.23 i get compile errors

vdelivermail.c: In function `date_header':
vdelivermail.c:1333: invalid operands to binary /
vdelivermail.c:1321: warning: `tz' might be used uninitialized in this function
*** Error code 1

nothing seems to work today for me :/

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